giovedì 15 novembre 2012

hai mai ascoltato il rumore delle nuvole ?

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  1. Congrats.
    I love your blog, romantic and sexy like the post where the boy is naked infront of the book shelf.Your photos're very lovely. And I've only had a quick look at your blog just now but it's pretty cool and creative.

  2. I love your blog and i am thankful for internet translation so i can read your posts as well as look at the sexy pics. You are a very talented lol. F

  3. Le bruit des nuages, non.
    Mais les voix dans le vent, oui !

  4. Crongratulation for the quality of your posts!
    Your photos are very very nice!

  5. Da quell'altezza più che ascoltare il rumore delle nuvole, avrei sentito il mio battito cardiaco per la tanta paura di cadere.
    Bellissima foto e colori però.